Creating new products always leaves a footprint. Tasman is always exploring by looking for replacements for materials with a lower ecological footprint, conscious and respectful of people and animal welfare. If you know a better material or you know someone else who knows then please contact  us by sending us an email 

The outside of Tasman bag is made out of leather, wool felt, or paper leather.

LEATHER:  Our leather is made from the hide of a bull, a process known as  tanning. This method creates it into the leather that is used. Tanning hide into leather is done with care and precision creating a quality of permanence, strength and durability. While dividing the moulds and cutting the leather, parts are always left over. To reduce waste we make accessories out of these parts.

WOOL FELT: The wool felt is made of Pure New Wool, which is naturally non-flammable and dirt repellent. The wool felt is non-toxic and meets the high standards of the UNE-EN 71-2, UNE-EN 71-3 and Öko-Tex 100.

PINATEX:  is a non-woven textile made from waste pineapple leaf fibre.

CORK: The inside of the bag is made out of cork-fabric. Cork fabric is made from a thin layer of cork with a backing material.

ORGANIC COTTON: is used for the zipper compartment and extra storage compartment

Organic cotton is grown on plantations where farmers use only natural ingredients and methods. There is no use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers in the fields. The cotton is picked by hand and other crops are regularly grown in the cotton fields in order to prevent erosion of the soil.

The BRONZE Tasman is made out of bronze and is designed and sculptured by Astrid Stoltenborg and made by Bick art works, a casting company from the Netherlands. It is made with the CERAMIC shell casting method for precise casting results, which is also the most environmentally friendly way of bronze casting and provides about 85% less waste and reduced energy consumption compared with conventional casting methods by as much as 65%.

The zippers are made by YKK.