Tasman bags is designed and created by Astrid Stoltenborg. She has worked as a product developer for various furniture producers including Moooi, Pastoe and Piet Boon. In Tasman bags her need to design and create comes together. Sculpting, creating bags and more general investigate how things are made, has kept her busy from an early age.

Tasman bags started with an idea for making a bag and the hobby of sculpturing. These two came together during the modeling course in the beautiful van Manenburg atelier. Under the watchful eye of sculptors Amiran Djanasshvili and Dick Aerts, the Tasman sculpture was born.

The bronze Tasman holds the whole bag together through the continuous flap all around. Basically it is a sort of ode to the man; People need each other, keeping you together as a whole and support you through rough times.

Abel Tasman, the world traveler, completes the story. Discovering the world was one of the motivations for the continuing process of Tasman bags. Learning new skills, discovering new materials and more general discovering the world.

Her dream is to have a complete Tasman collection. A bag for every occasion in life from travelling around the globe, go shopping, travel by bike, a diaper bag for the beautifull journey of having a baby, go city hopping, go to work or ….

The creation of Tasman bags has been and still is a beautiful journey!